Practice Areas

Legal Advice and Litigation

Establishment of Registered Offices, Branches and Representative Offices of companies and entrepreneurs
  • Residency and Work Permits
  • Tax Agreements
  • Representation before the authorities at targeted destinations
Banking & Finance, Insurance
  • Transactions with companies in regulated sectors
  • Creation and Distribution of Financial Products in Switzerland and abroad
  • Outsourcing for Financial Matters
  • General Advising of Banks, Securities Dealers, Insurance Companies, Asset Managers, Finance Companies, Financial Intermediaries, Insurance Brokers
  • Counsel on Stock Exchange Law
  • Prevention of Money Laundering
  • Permits and Licenses, in particular in the field of Collective Investments
  • Representation before Financial Market Authorities and Bodies
Data Protection in the Corporate Environment
  • Concepts for Data Flow and Data Recording in national and international corporations
  • Outsourcing of Data Handling
  • Data Protection Agreements and Guidelines
  • Representation before Data Protection Authorities in Switzerland and abroad
General Corporate Advice
  • Incorporation of Companies and Branch Offices
  • Restructuring of Corporate Groups (Mergers, Demergers, Transfer of Assets)
  • Corporate Governance issues, Organizational Rules and Terms of Reference, Shareholders' Agreements
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Liquidation of Companies
Questions of Liability for Financial Loss, Legal Responsibility
  • Contractual Liability Prevention
  • Assessment of Liability Risks and Compensation Claims
  • Representation of lawyers, notaries, public auditors, board members, internal auditors, pension fund supervisory authorities, tax advisors etc. in the defense of liability claims
  • Advising on Insurance for Pecuniary Loss Claims, D&O, ODL
Human Resources
  • Individual and Collective Employment Agreements
  • Employee and Expense Regulations, Anti-discrimination Regulations
  • Concepts for Flexible Service Deployment
  • Bonus Plans and Employee Participation Programs
  • Notice of Termination, Releasing of Services and Termination Agreements
  • Transfer of Businesses, Mass Layoffs and Social Plans
  • Employee Pension Funds and Insurance
  • Temporary Employee Agency
Real Estate Law
  • Real Estate Transactions (Purchase, Sale, Leasing, Purchase Options, Pre-emption Rights)
  • Use of Real Estate (independent and permanent rights to build, Usufructs, Rights of Abode, Subserviencies)
  • Real Estate Financing including Concepts for Securitization (Real Security Contracts, Security Assignments)
  • Acquisition of Real Estate by persons abroad ("Lex Koller" issues)
  • Real Estate Development Projects
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Establishment of various forms of property under Swiss law, Regulation and Administration
  • Contracts regarding construction activities (Prime or Total Contractor Agreements, contracts for deliveries, contracts with architects and engineers, Construction Management Agreements)
  • Concepts for Facility Management
IP & IT / Competition Law
  • Development of Intellectual Property Strategies and Implementation of Legal Aspects
  • Protection of ideas, names, domains, know-how, brands and designs
  • Trademark Registrations
  • Assignment and Licensing of Trademarks, Patents, Author's Rights, Know-how and Designs
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Software Development and Licensing Agreements
  • Review of Procurement and Distribution Structures under Competition Law
  • Assessment of Advertising, Sales and other commercial practices in light of Statutes on Unfair Competition
Commercial Contracts
  • Corporate Agreements
  • Purchase and Supply Agreements
  • Credit, Loan and Security Agreements (Security Assignments, Collateral Agreements, guarantees and pledges)
  • Distribution Agreements (Agency Agreements, Single and Selective Distribution Agreements)
  • Service Agreements
  • Research, Development and Production Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Franchising Concepts and Agreements
  • Factoring Agreements
Media Law, Unfair Competition
  • Protection of Personality Rights (Civil and Criminal Law aspects)
  • Enforcing the Right of Reply and the Rectification of inaccurate media reports
  • Representing clients before the Swiss Press Council and the Swiss Independent Complaints Authority for Radio and Television (UBI)
  • Advising private individuals and companies on issues relating to Unfair Competition
  • Consulting in the field of Advertising Law and Internet Law
  • Proceedings before various federal and cantonal Ombudsman’s Offices, the Swiss Commission for Fairness and the Swiss Price Supervisor
Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity
  • Corporate Takeovers (Share deals and Asset Deals)
  • Corporate Mergers, Spin-offs
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Corporate Financing
  • Shareholders' Agreements, Investment Agreements
  • Management Buyouts
Landlord and Tenant Law
  • Lease Concepts
  • Landlord and Tenancy Agreements, Lease Agreements
  • Structuring and Modification of Schemes for Lease Rentals
  • Contesting of Lease Rental Extensions and Notices of Terminations
  • Dissolution of Landlord and Tenancy or Lease Agreements, Eviction of Tenants and Lessees
Private and Commercial Aviation and Shipping, Aircraft and Yacht Financing
  • Aircraft and Yacht Financing including Securitization (Registered Pledges)
  • Leasing Concepts (wet-lease, finance-lease, operational-lease)
  • Registration of Aircrafts and Yachts
  • Contractual Agreements for the Operation and Maintenance of Aircrafts and Yachts
  • Legal Issues regarding Air Cargo and Ground Handling Services
  • Incoporation
  • Drafting of Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, Domains) and Know-How
  • Comprehensive advice on EU and Swiss Data Protection Law (Data Protection Declaration, Cookies etc.)
  • Drafting of Commercial Contracts, General Terms and Conditions, Non-Disclosure Agreements etc.
  • Setting up Employee Participation Plans etc.
  • Support in Financing Rounds
  • Exit Support (Sale of Shares, Merger with Competitors)
Business Succession, Estate and Succession Planning, Inheritance Law
  • Concepts for Business and Asset Succession, Holding Structures for Heirs
  • Establishment of Family Foundations, Asset Protection
  • Inheritance Contracts, Wills, Prenuptial Agreements
  • Advances on Estates, Donations
  • Administration of Executor Mandates, Separation of Matrimonial Assets and Distribution of Estates
  • Counsel to Communities of Heirs and Extended Communities of Heirs
  • Contesting of Wills and Challenging of Inheritance Contracts
Litigation before Courts, Arbitral Tribunals and Public Authorities
  • Litigation before State Courts and/or before Arbitration Courts
  • Representation before Financial Market Authorities and Bodies
  • Representation before Data Protection Authorities in Switzerland and abroad
  • Representation in Intellectual Property procedures before State Courts, Arbitration Courts and Registration Authorities
  • Enforcement of Swiss and Foreign Judgments and Attachments
  • Representation in Debt Prosecution Proceedings, Attachments, Estate Liquidations and Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Administrator and Liquidator Mandates, Mandates for Committees of Creditors
  • Arbitrator Services
  • International Judicial Assistance